1st Charity Hike was ‘Unforgettable’

Our first fundraise Charity Hike was from 5 till 11 June with 6 persons. It became truly an unforgettable journey.
The first day we split in 2 groups to meet with ‘the people we work with’. They were all impressive encounters: The injustice that ex-inmates have to deal with, the resilience of families dealing with setbacks and still moving forward, and the unbeatable optimism and mental power of the teenagers of our Dream Academy.

After that, our 4-day hike started through the national park Shebenik. We passed and crossed all memorable points like Kalkani Peack, Dragan Rock, Kusar Peack and sheepfold and at last Rrajcë Shkenderbej. See the foto’s below.
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