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Restoring lifes and relations. Your Monthly Support helps us Restore Lifes of Prisoners and of their Families. Every restored life gives value to that person and helps him or her to be a valued society member.

Please check our website / Projects for information where we work and how.

Your monthly support has high returns, as it allows us to continue to do the good work

(Gal.6:9 And let us not grow weary while doing good,..)
Several of our donors have a policy where we have to contribute a percentage of the project costs ourselves. This is for building sustainability, and here comes the part where your support is of tremendous importance:
With your (modest) monthly contribution, we can cover all those different percentages and keep our focus on the ministry. Please consider becoming a monthly donor.

Our workers are often faced with troubled situations, where immediate respons is the only option. Your monthly support also helps us respond to urgent needs like medicines, school fee’s, vocational courses, immediate accommodation for just released prisoners with nowhere to go, a second hand phone for a (prisoners) child to be able to follow classes, transport for various reasons, and many many more opportunities.
Your contribution works on Dignity, Jobs, Education and self-responsibility.

At the same time, dealing with these difficult situations gives us the possibility to have a positive impact on the lives of ‘our’ people.

The aim of Prison Fellowship Albania is to offer support as part of a ‘bigger package’, empowering people, including coaching, networking and personal guidance.

In many cases we work closely together with local partners, often local churches or church members, in order to establish new healthy social networks and the possibility to follow up on the people.