Humanity in the shadows

Last 2 weeks we completed a beautiful project. We have been able to create shelters against the sun and rain for the shelters of more than 400 prisoners with psychological problems.
The men all suffer from the fact that they are ‘locked up’ under a strict prison regime while at the same time they are psychological patients and need professional help.
Thanks to the sturdy roofs, they now have a dignified place where they are sheltered from the elements.

A kind of ‘day center’ has also been created where activities will be offered to the men. First of all for the normalization process, but also for recovery and rehabilitation.
If someone has no sense of action, how can he ever work to repair what he has done. In addition, Albania has a system that if someone does not heal, he will NOT (never!) be released from psychiatric care.
The Dutch working group did a great job, while the collaboration with the director of the prison in Shenkolle and all the staff was extremely streamlined. Nothing but praise!

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