Update Prison Ministry 06-’24

Today I sat with a foreign prisoner, after I met him 3 weeks ago for the first time. That time he could not speak calmly or even stay in 1 place due to his great restlessness. This time he had better control over his emotions, and he seemed happy to see ‘a familiar face’.
Such a situation shows what the impact of our visits can be. Being present in the most difficult times, listening, being the familiar face.
Below you will find an update of our work, highly recommended.

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The Volunteer’s Journeycheck the video here
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1st Charity Hike was ‘Unforgettable’

Our first fundraise Charity Hike was from 5 till 11 June with 6 persons. It became truly an unforgettable journey.
The first day we split in 2 groups to meet with ‘the people we work with’. They were all impressive encounters: The injustice that ex-inmates have to deal with, the resilience of families dealing with setbacks and still moving forward, and the unbeatable optimism and mental power of the teenagers of our Dream Academy.

After that, our 4-day hike started through the national park Shebenik. We passed and crossed all memorable points like Kalkani Peack, Dragan Rock, Kusar Peack and sheepfold and at last Rrajcë Shkenderbej. See the foto’s below.
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Humanity in the shadows

Last 2 weeks we completed a beautiful project. We have been able to create shelters against the sun and rain for the shelters of more than 400 prisoners with psychological problems.
The men all suffer from the fact that they are ‘locked up’ under a strict prison regime while at the same time they are psychological patients and need professional help.
Thanks to the sturdy roofs, they now have a dignified place where they are sheltered from the elements.

A kind of ‘day center’ has also been created where activities will be offered to the men. First of all for the normalization process, but also for recovery and rehabilitation.
If someone has no sense of action, how can he ever work to repair what he has done. In addition, Albania has a system that if someone does not heal, he will NOT (never!) be released from psychiatric care.
The Dutch working group did a great job, while the collaboration with the director of the prison in Shenkolle and all the staff was extremely streamlined. Nothing but praise!


Charity Hike Albania 9-15 October ’24- Blessed to Bless

From 9 till 15 October we will organise our 2nd Charity Hike.
4 Days of a serious Hike through the Stunning Beauty of the Albanian Landscape. Check here the pictures of the first Charity Hike from5 till 11 of June

Experience the Majesty of the Albanian Mountains

On this trekking adventure, we will traverse some of the most breathtaking mountain landscapes and explore the stunning Shebenik National Park in Albania. Along the way, we’ll contemplate the many facets of Blessing in a spiritual and creative way, while immersing ourselves in the awe-inspiring natural surroundings.

Our goal is to combine an unforgettable experience with supporting our organization that helps prisoners and their families. Participants are asked for a contribution of €1,250 (approx $1,300) per person, covering around €350 for costs and €900 as a donation to our cause. So it’s wise to start thinking about fundraising activities.

What to Expect:

  • 6 days with a 4-day guided hike focused on the theme of Blessing
  • Profound encounters with people from the communities we serve
  • Costs of €1,250 excluding airfare, including accommodation, transport, guides, meals and a donation to our ministry
  • Group size of 7-12 participants
  • Ability to hike up to 7 hours per day, so average fitness level required

Join us on this transformative journey through Albania’s natural wonders in support of a deeply meaningful cause. Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today!

Send a message to Fred Westerink


The Volunteer’s Journey

See the video with short stories of people volunteering with our prison ministry to prisoners and children and families of prisoners

The video concludes with a personal question. The experiences of these volunteers show just how satisfying and meaningful it can be to give your time and energy to others and the community. 
If you want to join or support our ministry, don’t hesitate to contact me