The prisoners journey

The Prisoners Journey is an 8 weeks course about important life issues, using the life of Jesus the Prisoner as example; Who was he, Why did he come and What does this matter to me? The course uses high quality videos, is very interactive and leaves the attenders free to make their own choices. At the end each attender receives a certificate and a full Bible.

With the selfless support of Prison Fellowship International – PFI – we have run the course now for 4 years (fully translated into Albanian!). Almost 1.500 prisoners have finished the course so far, and our aim is to go to 6.000 participants.

Your donation will be doubled!

For every dollar or euro that you donate, PFI will double that amount, in order to help us achieve our goal – 80% of all prisoners to finish the course!
Your support will be used for 1 coordinator for the whole country, transport costs for volunteers and budget for introduction events in all 20 prisons to invite new prisoners to the course.